Amazon India introduces machine learning summer school

On Sunday, Amazon India announced the launch of the ML Summer School that will provide students with an integrated learning experience to gain applied Machine Learning (ML) skills.

A batch of students from selected tech campuses in India will be offered the opportunity to participate after an interactive Q&A session with Amazon scientists through virtual classroom tutorials.

For students who have previously had exposure to certain areas of ML, the program could serve as a refresher course, as well as provide a realistic perspective on ML applications in the industry, the company said in a statement.

Rajeev Rastogi, VP of India Machine Learning at Amazon, said, “With the pace of progress in MLT, we are actively helping students to learn about the latest trends in ML and apply them to solve real-world problems.”

“Our goal is to prepare students for science roles – this will help bridge the gap between the growing demand for MP roles and the talent pool with applied ML skills.”

Study across the MC Summer School of Engineering students selected for the pre-final / final year of postgraduate, master’s, or Ph.D. study in 2021.


ML summer school participants will be identified through an online assessment.

They will also have access to the Amazon Research Day (ARD) conference where they can learn about technology trends in the industry by presenting ML leaders around the world.

The ML summer school curriculum will cover basic concepts in ML while connecting them to practical art applications through their immersive three-day course.

Students will first-hand learn how advanced ML techniques such as de-learning and probabilistic graphical models can solve problems in the e-commerce domain such as demand forecasting, catalog quality, product offerings, search rankings, and online-specific business.

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