BJP Slams Left For Attending Chinese Embassy Event

BJP Slams Left For Attending Chinese Embassy Event

BJP Slams Left For Attending Chinese Embassy Event BJP Slams Left For Attending Chinese Embassy Event. The presence of leftist leaders at an online event hosted by the Chinese embassy marking the centenary of the Communist Party of China has led the BJP to accuse the left parties of having a long tradition of opposition to national interests and outward allegiance. The Left, however, has defended the decision that the government itself is involved in a number of issues with China and has raised allegations against the BJP to divert attention from its government’s failure.

The Chinese embassy said that on July 27, China hosted an online seminar to celebrate the founding anniversary of the Communist Party of China. CPI(M) Sitaram Yechury, CPI’s D Raja, DMK MP S Senthilkumar, and All India Forward Bloc’s G Devarajan were present and addressed. BJP MP and president of its West Bengal branch Dilip Ghosh taunted the Left parties to attend the event, while India was embroiled in border unrest with China. He said he had watched the communist movement for decades and noted that when the US invaded, they would raise slogans and protest in support of Vietnam and complained that they were loyal to Russia and China but not to India. They also had external allegiance.

They used to say that the Chinese chairman is our chairman. In retaliation, the king said that none of the communists should be taught about the national interest. The Communists were at the forefront in the fight against the British as well as the Portuguese. We made the ultimate sacrifice for the independence of the country. No one can challenge us. What was the role of BJP, Jana Sangh, or RSS in the fight? For India’s independence? This is raising the issue, King said.

The king added that the government itself was involved with China on a number of issues. He said the government is participating in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, BRICS meeting, and economic cooperation with China is ongoing. After taking tough action against the Left parties, Ghosh said people rejected them for these reasons, noting that they did not have any Lok Sabha MPs or MLA in West Bengal even after decades of ruling till 2011.

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