Bullets web series Review | mx player | Sunny Leone

Bullets web series Review | mx player | Sunny Leone

Bullets web series Review | mx player | Sunny Leone – Sunil Korade, the son of a corrupt politician Hemant Korade, is killed the terribly night his tavern incorporates a lavish launch party. Sunil’s Canadian girlfriend Tina associates degreed a mysterious girl Loloish take to the woods the crime scene because the cops launch an investigation into the murder. With enough proof to ascertain Tina and Lolo’s link to the incident, the feminine pair is on the run and ultimately reaches a shack state to hunt refuge.

Bullets web series mx player Review

Bullets Story About:

However, this will do very little to distract the cops or Hemant’s loyal confederate Ketu United Nations agency is when their lives. Lolo’s exploit no stone right-side-out to prove Hemant’s reference to associate degree business deal scam too. wherever will this chase lead them to? Karishma Tanna and Sunny  Leone monetary unit. The actors create very little effort to prove otherwise or provide any meaning/purpose to their roles, ostensible rather whereas content solely flaunting their bodies and costumes. The once-famous Deepak Tijori is reduced to the associate degree accidentally laughable role of a confederate – one solely feels pitying him and therefore the ways that of associate degree business that’s handily forgetful regarding its past. Amaan Khan incorporates a good distance to travel before he calls himself an associate degree actor.

He struggles in his cop avatar here, together with his fierce and righteous facet to the role lacking in credibility and conviction. Vivek Vaswani has nothing unforgettable to try to do during a half wherever he seems too tired and bored to utter lines like ‘maar do’ ‘khatam Kar do’ each second sequence. Ted Shawn Aranha is deplorable in his temporary role whereas Areez Gandhi is simply regarding passable. It’s a show wherever the 2 protagonists United Nations agency run removed from the crime scene do catwalks with bikinis, relax at a pool, sip a glass of wine as if they were on a vacation in the Caribbean, and conjointly create time to debate the spiciness of a prayerbook paav.

It’s a show wherever the ladies have enough time to pack their suitcases with the article of clothing associate degreed party-wear (that would last associate degree eternity) in an hour once their existence isn’t bound. It’s a show wherever a majority of the lads’ are either perverts or baddies United Nations agencies do murky underworld deals. The show makes a whole mockery of the functioning of the personnel. The strategies that the ladies use to bypass the safety personnel of a renowned cupboard minister are really a joke on the audience. The supposedly humourous sequence regarding homosexuals is completed in poor style. Characters enter and leave the show as they please, there’s no sense of continuity between episodes and therefore the two-hour run-time feels torturing.

Bullets Web Series Cast:

  • Karishma Tanna as Lolo
  • Vivek Vaswani as Hemant Korade
  • Sunny Leone as Tina
  • Deepak Tijori as Ketu

It’s the launch of the city’s most well-liked gin mill – cognitive state, wherever the owner Sunil Korade tries to molest his girlfriend Tina resulting in surprising events and him obtaining killed. though the police arrive at the crime scene, Tina panics and decides to save lots of herself and run away. Lolo, on the opposite hand, is making an attempt to induce some information from Hemant Korade’s workplace wherever she happens to fulfill Tina and decides to assist Tina to run far from the crime scene. Sunil Korade, son of politician Hemant Korade is killed, and police are working on the murder. CCTV footage identifies Lolo and Tina’s deed from the crime scene. The police are frantically trying to find the ladies as there’s plenty of pressure from the political leadership. Hemant’s loyal Ketu at the same time tries to find the ladies before the police will catch them.

Bullets web series trailer:

The chase continues to be on and Tina and Lolo reach a lodge to cover from the police. meantime Vidya, a journalist is at the police headquarters asking questions on the murder case. Ketu involves comprehends the ladies’ activity within the lodge and goes behind them to end his job. Finally, a flash of peace for the ladies who conceive to relax for a minute within the pool. Not knowing that they need already been half-track by Ketu who is returning for them. Happy moments do not last for long, Ketu and his goons return face to face with the ladies.

Rating: 2.9/5

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