CBSE Board Result 2021 Class 12

CBSE Board Result 2021 Class 12

CBSE Board Result 2021 Class 12

 The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has opened the result portal to calculated class 12 results from July 16 (afternoon) to July 22 till midnight to allow schools to complete the moderation of class 10 and 11 marks. “If any school is left to complete the moderation within stipulated schedule, their results will be declared separately after July 31,” said the board in an official notice. The CBSE official circular said that the 11th and 12th class correction marks would be a “great responsibility” to be done in a manner to ensure “justice and fairness” to the students, the CBSE official said in a statement.

Any discriminatory application of the policy across the school may result in adverse effects or unreasonable gain for some students,” it added. The CBSE has said that forcing schools to demand a moderate number, “no student will have to suffer due to unequal application of the policy in any school or across the school. The CBSE assessment policy raises concerns as numbers have to be calculated in schools but the level of complexity of question papers in schools, the methodology, and the severity of assessment vary from school to school. Class 11 and 12 components make up 70 percent of the total results.

These are calculated by the school. The results will be counted by the respective schools considering that no board exams will be held this year. A committee is formed in each school to ensure that the result is calculated incorrectly. CBSE XII results will be calculated according to the marks obtained by 10th, 11th, and 12th class students. According to the results document, the scaling and down 12 marks of class 11 and 12 may have to match the level of other students to ensure fair and transparent results. The school will be considered as a reference for the assessing agencies for 2020-2021, considering the school’s historical performance, best overall performance in the last three years of board examinations, ”the CBSE document said, 2017-2018 is 72 percent in 2018-2019 it, 74 percent.

The selected year will be the reference year for the school. “For each subject, the school must follow a broad distribution of marks, which will be based on the performance of that school for that particular year,” the policy document said. To assist the schools, the CBSE has provided the marks along with the distribution of marks based on the best performance of the previous three years, which is taken as a reference for restraint.

To ensure comparability and fairness in the case of higher scores, schools should work diligently and ensure that there is no connection of total marks between the ranges of 95 and above. Therefore, the number of students at each level of their overall mark should be limited to 95 or above to ensure that this number does not exceed the number of students achieving the overall mark, according to the best historic historical performance of the last three years, ”CBSE said in an official release.

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