Chhat Puja 2021 | Find out how Chhat Puja is done


Chhat Puja 2021

Chhat Puja 2021 | Find out how Chhat Puja is done Let me know about all the information – There are many puja festivals in India. One of the most notable of these is the Chhat Puja. This festival is celebrated on the sixth day of Shuklapaksh in the month of Kartik. This Chhat Puja is mainly celebrated in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and the region of Nepal. How did Chhat Puja start after Kalipujo? Why is this Chhat Pujo? So today in this article I will discuss your Chhat Pujo.

Durga puja is the most popular festival in India, followed by Kalipujo and Chhat Puja. Although popular in Bihar and Jharkhand, Chhat Pujo is now practiced in India.
How did this Chhat Pujo start?

Chhat Pujo has been practiced since Vedic times. It is known that Chhat Pujo has been practiced since the time of Mahabharata. According to tradition, Suryadev and Chhat Devi are brothers and sisters, so Chhat Puja is performed before Surya Deva. On the other hand, there is mention of Chhat Puja in Ramayana as well. It is heard that Chhat Pujo was performed.

During this Chhat Puja, devotees fast without water and offer Arghya to the Sun God. On the third day of Chhat Pujo, devotees were known as Shasthi fast. It is the only day of the year when the sun given is Arghy. During the puja, devotees light fruit in a bamboo basket, light a lamp and give it to the sun.

Chhat Puja 2021

The bamboo basket is of special importance in this puja. Chhat Devi Offerings prasad bananas, thekuya, malpoya, khirpuri, dates, semolina and puri laddu, and many more. Then on the fourth day the sun rises and the devotees go to the ghat in full and before sunrise, they offer Arghy to the sun. Finally, he breaks his long fast by praying to the sun god and following all the rules and regulations.

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