Colleges Online education status in india

Colleges Online education status in India

Colleges Online education status in India

Colleges and other institutions of higher learning were closed due to the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now several states are seeing a decline in the number of cases and so some state governments have allowed the resumption of physical classes for students. Here’s the latest update. Bihar Colleges, universities, and classes 11, 12 will reopen regionally from July 12 on alternate days with 50% student attendance. Additional Chief Secretary for Education Sanjay Kumar had earlier said in a tweet that physical classes would be conducted for these students following all Covid-19 protocols.

The state government has given permission to re-open Haryana universities and colleges from July 12 for practical and doubt clearing classes for students. In addition, practitioners and offline tests will be conducted in accordance with the Covid-19 guidelines. The government has allowed university and college dormitories to be open only to students who are taking exams.

The Gujarat government will re-open Gujarat colleges for undergraduate and postgraduate students from July 15. It will be reopened in phases and only 50% of students will be allowed to enter the campus. Attendance, however, will not be mandatory. Students can also opt for online classes. Chief Minister N Rangasamy recently said colleges and schools in Puducherry would reopen on July 16. “Puducherry colleges will reopen on July 16.

Schools will also partially reopen and only classes 9th to 12th will resume that day, he said. The Telangana government has decided to continue online classes in the state, having earlier said that physical classes in schools and colleges would resume in the state from July 1, but the decision was scrapped after expert advice. Like Telangana, Kerala will continue online classes.

This is already the case for new academic sessions for schools, classes conducted online or through television. Maharashtra has not yet decided whether to reopen state colleges and universities. However, Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad said 8 to 12 would be reintroduced in areas where there have been zero Covid incidents in the last month.

Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister CN Ashwat Narayan said the state was insisting on vaccinating 18-year-old students before opening colleges and universities. Apart from these, the state governments of Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, West Bengal, and Delhi could not decide on the reopening of colleges, universities as well as schools. Most of the pandemic states have resorted to online classes.

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