Daddy Owen Net Worth 2024: Exploring the Income, Career

Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen Net Worth: Daddy Owen, whose real name is Owen Mwatia, is a popular Kenyan musician and composer known for his contributions to contemporary Christian music in Kenya. Let’s delve into his financial landscape by exploring his net worth, income, and career.

Daddy Owen Net Worth 2024

Daddy Owen is a famous Kenyan musician known for his contributions to contemporary Christian music. His net worth, reported to be $1 million, reflects his success as a musician and composer.

Real Name Owen Mwatia
Profession Musical Artist
Monthly Income (Approx) $10,000 +
Yearly Income (Approx) $30,000 +
Net Worth (Approx) $1 Million

Who is Daddy Owen?

Daddy Owen is a popular Kenyan contemporary Christian music artist based in Kakamega. He is the brother of the award-winning gospel artist Rufftone. Daddy Owen attends the Kenya Assemblies of God Church in Buru Buru, Nairobi, and is signed to the Beats & Blessings label. He was married to Farida Wambui on April 2, 2016, but the couple divorced in 2021.

Daddy Owen Net Worth

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Daddy Owen’s musical journey started in high school, facing initial challenges due to financial constraints hindering the recording of his songs.

Supportive Family and Influences

Discover how Daddy Owen’s family, especially his brother Rufftone and the late gospel performer Kaberere, played a crucial role in supporting his music emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

Debut Album: “Haijalishi”

In 2004, Daddy Owen released his debut album, “Haijalishi,” marking the beginning of his successful career.

Popular Songs

Explore some of Daddy Owen’s well-known songs, including “Mbona,” co-written with Denno, “Foundation,” “Tobina,” “Kazi ya Msalaba,” “Saluti,” and “System ya Kapungala.”

Groove Awards Recognition

Learn about Daddy Owen’s achievements at the Groove Awards, where he received the Male Artist of the Year from 2009 to 2011.

Philanthropic Ventures

Delve into Daddy Owen’s philanthropic endeavors, from founding the Malaika Awards to launching impactful campaigns like “Macho Macho” and the Second Chance Campaign

Current Involvement

Discover Daddy Owen’s current role as part of the Nairobi Assemblies of God’s praise and worship team.

This section provides a comprehensive overview of Daddy Owen’s musical and philanthropic contributions, showcasing his journey and impact in the music industry and beyond.

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