Damaged Web Series Review | hindi web series 2021

Damaged Web Series Review | hindi web series 2021

Damaged Web Series Review

Damaged Web Series Review | hindi web series 2021 is the first real show of hungama, therefore, comes as a breath of fresh air. The show is not just a drama of exploitative psychological crime a genre that is rarely explored in India, but for the first time, we see a woman playing the role of a serial killer and a person who is literally interested. Here we are telling you why this show deserves to be at the top of your watch list.

Damaged Web Series About :

Damaged Web Series About – A regionally damaged enterprise that is quite brave for a digital show in the country. Damaged Web Series Such a story could very well be translated into another murder mystery or crime thriller, but the producers gave the show a unique execution. As a psychological crime drama, it evokes the serial killer, explaining who made him and forcing us to follow the twists and turns of his life. It lets us see the world through his eyes and allows us to see his vision. In terms of freshness and originality, the show became a winner. We became acquainted with Lovina otherwise, an ordinary woman, whom we thought we could be friends or even fall in love.

And then almost immediately, in the most artistically shot murder scene, we realize we can’t go any further wrong. One would think that revealing the identity of the killer so early on the show might lose our interest, but instead, it just drives. Traditionally we are taught to route for the cops who are killed, but fear not only makes him difficult, but also makes it almost impossible to like him, and thanks to Amit for succeeding in this task. Amruta Khanvilkar plays a woman who lives on a beach in a Mumbai suburb and runs a bakery. He is a helper and lives with his younger brother and life’s roaring dread. However, not everyone looks like a young man – everything related to him has disappeared and the authorities are heated on his heels.

    Damaged Web Series Cast :

  • Amruta Khanvilkar
  • Amit Shiyal
  • Rohan Shah
  • Amit Gaur
  • Shruti Ulfat

Less hurt for a previous actress is unnecessary and unreasonable – all this leaves a bitter taste for the audience. Whether it’s a continuation of the interrogation or one of the khaki high-handed press conferences or at least Facebook Live can be seen today. Incredibly surprising is the fact that some of the arcs of the story are simply loosened without any explanation. Not only that, the evolutionary tone of the character is dead. In acting, only Amit Shiyal and Amruta Khanvilkar, and Shruti Ulfat are reasonable.

Damaged Web Series Trailer :

The aspect itself also faces some harsh criticism. How much do you need in that soft-core sequence featuring Khanvilkar with midpoint focus and bokeh effect that is essentially a psychological thriller? Why else would you need three minutes to do something like that in thirty seconds? The first series to suffer was also a psychological crime thriller. The series featured Amrita Khanvilkar who played the role of a brutal killer who had no remorse for her murder. Amit plays the character of Shiyal Abhay who triggers the angry and always happy cop.

Damaged Web Series Review
Source of Youtube / MX Player

He loves to shoot even with small instincts. The characters have many gray shades and they have been able to creatively portray their roles. If there’s one show that promises to really appeal to you, it’s Hangama’s first real show Damaged. Full of suspense, emotion, drama, and gray character, Psychological Crime Drama is a series about India’s first serial killer.

The title of the talented Amrita Khanvilkar, who plays a strange and brutal serial killer, Lovina, with whom Amit Sial plays the role of a ruthless cop named Abhay. The series is a curious cat-and-rat chase that is bound to keep you hooked on your screen.

Rating: 2.9/5

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