Delhi HC Refused Online Open Book Exam

Delhi HC Refused Online Open Book Exam Delhi HC Refused Online Open Book Exam

On Monday, the Delhi High Court refused to intervene in the decision to conduct online open book examinations for the intermediate semester of law courses at Delhi University, which could not be held last year due to Covid-19, saying it would not allow students to order the terms of a professional course examination. A bench of Justice Prateek Jalan said during the hearing of four petitions of second and final year students of the law faculty of Delhi University, “I am not allowing any professional course examination conditions to allow students. The court instead refused to pass a guideline to the university to conduct an assignment-based examination and made it clear that it would not replace the position taken by the university.


The court cannot give compulsory directions to the university for assignment-based examination … a matter approved by the university for consideration. The court cannot interfere in the policy decision of the university, it said. The court, however, asked the university to announce the results of the examination as soon as possible. Dean of the Faculty of Law Dean Vandana told the court that the examination in question could probably be held in July and another examination would be held in September for the convenience of students who could not sit in the first phase. Advocate Seema Dolo, appearing for DB, submitted that with the approval of the Bar Council of India, the online, offline, mixed or executive based examination system was left to the discretion of the concerned institution.

Advocate Siddhartha Seema, who appeared as a final year law student, argued that the online open book examination of second and fourth class in the Intermediate second semester of last year was not in the interest of the students. With the push for a recruitment-based exam, he noted that the dates of the online open book exam may clash with other entrance exams that final year students may take for further study.

In this case, the court recorded the assurance of Professor Vandana that as far as possible the date of admission will be decided keeping in mind the date of admission test. Those who cannot take the test in July will be able to take it in September, the court added. Four petitions were disposed of by the court.

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