F2 movie review Watch Disney Hotstar Free

f2 movie review Watch Disney Hotstar Free

F2 movie review Watch Disney Hotstar Free. Venki (Venkatesh) marries Harika(Tamannah) with high hopes of a happy married life. f2 movie review Varun (Varun Tej) likes Harika’s sister Hani (Mehreen Peerzada) and is involved with her for the same purpose. But when do men realize that they are better off as bachelors? When it comes to humor, there isn’t one that tickles everyone’s funny bones. F2 movie Watch Some like it subtle, some slap it, and then there are people who like it situationally, while others like a roast.

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However, there are also sections who love to smile at their grief with funny messages about how difficult married life really is. This section of Anil Rabipudi is probably trying to keep pace with the film, which is full of dialogues that sound really subtly moving forward. Venky (Venkatesh) is an orphan looking for marriage proposals and Harika (Tamannah) finds it suitable because she does not want to marry into any family. Varun (Varun Tej) caretaker Telangana youth who continues to fall head over heels in love with Harika’s sister, many talented Madhu (Mehreen Pirzada) is full of talent for a whole month before her family decides to tie the knot with them.

However, before the Cobra (co-mother-in-law) decides, they decide not to leave their wives’ lives and flee to another country. But what happens when women decide to taste their own medicine? The original plot of the film has been done in many films and with dust, there is really nothing anyone can do to make it unique. In the first half of the film, the frustrated men seem to have a long voice about how women always shake their heads.

The second half, which takes place in Europe, is depressing unrest that brings even more character, including the king of revelation who acts as a friend to the woman’s family. Anil Rabipudi apparently relies so much on the humorous part of the film; He thinks he has decided not to invest in finding out any character. At the end of the story, they are all innocent victims of the oppressed woman they married. Of course, the logic goes for a toss, which is good to see how Jenner herself doesn’t call too much.

The good news, however, is that Venkatesh is here in full form, making even the most cliche one-liner with sincerity and punch even more sarcastic You can’t help but find yourself smiling. movie clips-


He invests not only in the delivery of his conversations but also through body language and expression. Varun Tej, on the other hand, has given a heartfelt performance, not just like a million rupees, but he can easily drown himself in his own picture. Supporter of providing with ease. Tamannah and Mehreen, who don’t get the same title as the former two, make the best of what they offer. Mehreen carries her character exclusively although it’s so easy to think of her as a caricature-ish. The sad part is that despite having enough screen-time given to them, it seems that donating some veins, underwear or even bikinis will show their ‘glamor’ sporadically on Prakash Raj, Vanella Kishore, Jhansi, Rajendra Prasad, and colleagues nailed their roles, if only they had better stories.

Venky (Venkatesh) is a frustrated husband who starts hating his wife (Tamannah) six months after his marriage. This causes more problems for frustrated men. Venkatesh was back in top form again and smiling in the picture. His facial expressions and the way he blew up the goat comedy are pretty good after a long time it feels good to see him in a love role that the audience in the family can easily connect with. Credit should be given to Varun Tej for holding his castle in front of a senior artist like Venky. Varun should not only have properly teased his Telangana but also had to do slapstick comedy which he did quite well and jailed brilliantly with Venki.

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