flyover bengali full movie download hd boss filmyzilla 720p

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flyover bengali full movie download hd boss filmyzilla 720p

The Flyover is an adaptation of a Kannada supernatural thriller film U-Turn. Like the true-blue adaptation, the Bengali version more or less follows all the heights and widths of the original image. Therefore, it is useless to judge its storyline or fabrication. While it manages to present a fast-paced thriller presentation, it couldn’t avoid the script’s rough predictions. A journalist named Bidisha (Koel Mallick) is following a strange trend of traffic violations on the Lake Garden flyover. Some bikers tend to move a few stones in the middle to take a U-turn on the flyover.

As soon as Bidisha started working on her story, the police arrested her on the charge of sudden murder. Gaurav Chakraborty, another junior officer, including realized that every violator in this ongoing boulder case had died. Despite all the adversity, the two could not resist chasing this ‘inseparable’ mystery and, as expected, faced adversity. The picture is fast, catchy, and shows almost the right amount of violence. The biggest weakness, as mentioned earlier, is the predictability of the story.

The supernatural elements bring a bit of thrill but fail to provide coolness. Koel’s character bears a striking resemblance to Rawkto Rawhoshyo Swarnaja – his previous portrait, and in such characters, he seems to be moderately fine. Pride is the best acceptable. He fits the Calcutta Police uniform quite well and the people of this city become the police officers they deserve. Shantilal Mukherjee also looks perfect in the role of Gaurab’s boss. Vidisha’s love interest and colleague Ravi Shaw were not credible crime reporters. Best of all, an intern lost in a newsroom.

But he’s certainly not the least push of the film. Those who are fans of Kaushik Roy from the popular television show Khurkuto, refrain from watching this movie because the distribution of the actor can be a big heartbreaker for you. He is pale, handsome, and credible as the lowest palash – one of the victims of traffic violations.

His expressions are so lustful that they sometimes seem funny. This is a thriller with its flaws. But before taking a U-turn from the theaters it must be a one-time Watch.

Rating:- 3.1/5

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