Halahal movie Streaming on Eros now Barun Sobti

Halahal movie Review Streaming on Eros Now Barun Sobti

Halahal movie Streaming on Eros now Barun Sobti

Halahal movie Streaming on Eros Now doesn’t start as much as it explodes. Then we scatter the scattered pieces that seemingly separate from each other, enhancing the comprehension. Lately, Barun Sobti has fascinated me with his range in projects like Tu Hai Mera Sunday, 22 Yards, and Asura and he is continuing his good work in the halal of Randeep Jha, the murder mystery director with the medical college scandal at the center. Dr. Shiva (Sachin Khedekar) is an obvious name for the protagonist in a film called Halahal (Poison), but because of his accomplishments, he has balanced both exploiters and destroyers with fines.

Halahal movie Review:

He has played a similar role in the past, but he has tried to add a level to the role of a helpless father in order to find out the truth about his daughter’s death. However, the story will find its momentum only after the entry of the moral policeman Yusuf (Barun Sobti). It’s one of those thrillers where the writers insisted on bringing out the gray side of even the most sophisticated-looking characters. In a funny way, a character actually declares that the earth revolves around money and not instead of the sun unless you get enough hints at what’s happening on the screen! You know the kind of movies that even close friends try to talk to each other.

You will be immediately reminded of the ugly memory of Anurag Kashyap, but it is no coincidence because Jha was in the management team of that film.

Also, one of the writers Zeeshan Qadri has worked with Kashyap in Gangs of Wasaipur. But what makes Jha a promising genius is that he tries his best not to be too cunning in his storytelling and sticks to the tune of truth. Barun Sobti comes to work here as he did not show much affection towards the theater. His calm demeanor, which made Asur such a beautiful watch, has added another dimension to the case of Halahal. His restrained body language keeps viewers interested in his motives and those who don’t want such features for mystery thrillers. In a real sense, his purposeful chemistry with Sachin Khedekar relies on two dialogues as the main theme of the film as it can reveal plot points at important junctions. However, Halahal never gets as dark as I would like it to be to get more shock value.


Humorous characters need ample time to unfold on screen, but Halal has only moved on by touching on some important narrative points. Located in western Uttar Pradesh and adjacent Haryana, Halahal has an apprehensive tone but it involves many parties and it prevents the audience from focusing on the crime and its early architects. Also, many conversions hinder the flow of the 96-minute film. Minor flaws have been overlooked, halal is definitely involved and its lead talents are quite impressive.

With careful project selection, the director can give a lot more. A young man and a woman are in the middle of a heated conversation. They talk about snatching. She is running away from him; He is chasing, implying. They followed a few thugs. The man and woman arrived on the Delhi Noida highway. Suddenly, a truck appeared and passed over him. The men burned her dead body. Shiva suspects his college and an associate coaching institute to be involved in his death.
Written by Zeishan Quadri and directed by Randeep Jha, Halahal has found himself obsessed with medical admission fraud in northern India. A direct point of reference is the 2013 Vyapam scam, where dozens of politicians and racketeers were arrested for sending implants to test halls. Extensive investigations led to shocking casualties, including ‘unnatural deaths’ of students, journalists, and witnesses. Halahal is spreading this chaos in a general scene: a police officer walking on the field with the bodies of the dead, watching the light flashing and leaving. Sachin Khedekar has presented a layered performance as an isolated person feeling a surge of emotion after the death of his daughter.

He makes you sympathetic to the character, especially during his emotional breakdown. Varun Sobti’s body language and Haryanvi accent are impressive and he gives a strong performance both into the skin of Yusuf’s character into what would make it look like an otherwise captivating mystery-thriller.

Flim- Halahal

Directed by- Randeep Jha

Cast: Sachin Khedekar, Barun Sobti

Rating: 3.5/5

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