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isaimini moviesda Roohi Movie download Filmyone For Free

Two boys from a small town, Bhaura Pandey (Rajkumar Rao) and Kattanni Qureshi (Varun Sharma) are stuck with Roohi (Janni Kapoor) in a strange situation. She seems to be a simple, decaying girl but they soon realize that she has one more aspect – her “ghostly” personality Afza. Bhauda develops feelings towards Roohi and Kattanni becomes Afzar. A strange romance is mixed in this trio, Bhowra wants to get rid of Afza, and Kattani wants to make sure that she can live her life. Is face to face. What happens next turns the story into crux. For many years, Bollywood has not given any shots of the horror-comedy genre.

However, it is certain that the fancy curiosity of film makers has been caught in recent times. Director Hardik Mehta has tried to blend the two genres in Roohi and succeeded to a greater degree. In the film, the three actors at the center of the plot – Rajkumar, Varun, and Janhvi – are in great form and complement each other’s performances. The prince, again, removed another part which he was playing with the little town man with colored hair and a silly smile.

Although Streak may have had similarities to his character, he has confirmed that it stands out differently and in body language. But one wonders if this is a role he is taking on many times. Varun shines with his great comic timing and pitch-perfect expression. The actor removes the comic parts in a certain comfort and here again he reveals his flair for the joke. Be it Ruhi or Afza, Janni doesn’t miss a beat. He distributes cold as comfortably as he plays Afza, as much as he is brave Roohi. The picture contains parts of the laughter mentioned in the moments of the iconic film – for example, Rose’s “Late” Jack to die in the iconic Titanic and Dilwale Dulhania in the unforgettable ‘palate’ moment.

The film, written by Mrighdeep Singh Lamba Gautam Mehra, is full of one-liners that land comfortably on most occasions. An in-depth description of what the film lacks. There is a passing mention of what the main characters do with a back story but you have very little in mind. Over the course of two hours, the film certainly does this through rigorous editing.

In addition to all the entertainment, the film promotes the idea of ​​self-love and self-confidence that works to a certain degree but the latter seems somewhat comfortable, lacking a half-fed punch from the beginning. As for the music, the two main tracks – Nadion Par (a rebroadcast version of Late Music Play) and Panghat – are the highlights of the soundtrack originally composed by Sachin Jigar during the opening and closing credits, and you will remember even after the movie ends.


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