Jai Bhim Movie 2021 Story Review, Cast, Release Date


Jai Bhim 2021 Story Review, Cast, Release Date
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Jai Bhim Movie 2021 Story Review, Cast, Release Date Let me know about all the information – Jai Bhim is an Indian Tamil-language law drama movie directed by T.J. Produced by Gnanavel and 2D Entertainment. The film stars Suriya in the lead role along with Prakash Raj, Rajisha Vijayan, Lijomol Jose, Rao Ramesh and K. Manikandan in supporting roles.

The Movie Plot is Director T.J Gnanavel’s legal approach centers on a worker-lawyer fight to ensure justice for a pregnant Indigenous woman whose husband is lost in police custody after a false robbery. A case has been filed against him. The combination of the protagonist’s charisma, the urgency of the theme, and the power of no-hold-bound storytelling turns into an immersive and exciting film that draws attention to the plight of an oppressed community on the edge of society.

Jai Bhim Movie 2021

Director – T. J Gnanavel
Producer – 2D Entertainment
Writer – T. J Gnanavel
Editor – Philomin Raj
Release Date – 2 November 2021

Jai Bhim Movie 2021 Story Review

Rajanna and Sinatalli are an indigenous couple who live in a hut. Sinatalli is expecting her second child with her husband, Rajanna moves to a distant place in search of work, as she has promised him to build a good house. He is a snake lover. A few days before he left for work, the village president called him to catch a snake in their house. When some jewelry was stolen from the President’s house, the police naturally suspected Rajna.

And then the police tortured and harassed Sinatalli for asking for Rajna’s whereabouts. With the help of local teacher Mithra, Sinatalli went to an activist advocate named Chandru for justice. Chandru filed a habeas corpus petition asking the police to produce Rajna in court. And the rest of the movie is about Chandru’s fight for justice which reveals the incredible truth about torture in administration and custody.

The film begins with this note based on real events. The character that Surya has portrayed is modeled on Chandru, a famous lawyer from Tamil Nadu, who later became a judge in the Madras High Court. The narrative focuses entirely on tribal, police harassment, and court activities.

The director skillfully projected in this movie how marginalized people fall into the wrong case. New director TS Gyanvel has used a documentary method to tell this real story without resorting to any commercial elements. There are songs in the film. But they are not a regular song-dance routine.

While the director’s intentions are admirable, he captures the sequences of torture in custody in a completely raw manner. The courtroom scene lacks a bit of a dramatic feel. While there have been many such proud and crude films about oppression in the recent past, certain sequences don’t make much of an impact.

Lijomol Jose as the indigenous woman Sinatalli and Manikandan as Rajanna have both done great. Prakash Raj as IG and Rao Ramesh as Advocate General have come up with a credible job.

Suriya appears in the film within about 30 minutes of the story of the movie, and she captures the film with her star power and admirable acting. As a lawyer, he looks like a firebrand.

Jai Bhim Movie 2021 Cast

Jyothika, Karthi
Prakash Raj
Rajisha Vijayan
Lijomol Jose
Rao Ramesh
K. Manikandan

Jai Bhim Movie 2021 trailer

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