Matto Ki Saikil Bicycle Prakash Jha Heart breaking Story


Matto Ki Saikil Bicycle Prakash Jha Heart breaking Story
                          Matto Ki Saikil Bicycle Prakash Jha Heart breaking Story
 In 1948, Vittorio de Sica made a spooky story about a bicycle thief trying to track down a stolen bicyclCast Prakash Jha, Anita Choudhary, Dimpy Mishra, Aarohi Sharma /Director: M Gani.   The only hope of his livelihood. In 2020, M Gani’s Mato Ki Shakil took us back to the Italian classic and made it clear that things don’t
really change for a few years with fewer opportunities.

The story of a poor man’s destiny being connected to his moderate transport is as relevant today as it was nearly seven decades ago. Matto is a daily wage worker who travels the city in his cycle to earn money for a family of four. His life is easy and he is a happy man, but things start to get difficult as he realizes that there is no life left in the 20 year old cycle. He stopped buying a new one, because truth be told, he had no choice. When he can no longer apply energy through his old cycle, he discovers himself as a desperate man. A few stories running parallel in the background further explain Mato’s situation. An experienced man in the army fought for the election of a new village chief and promised to bring about a change in the village that he had not seen before.
Metro’s family is notorious for not being able to pay their debts. Donors buy expensive vehicles from these workers at an interest-free rate, but they do not chase them before they pay. Potential grooms want a pulsar bike for dowry. No lawyer can get a client because of his caste and ‘Safai Karamcharis’ Mato or villagers are no longer allowed to defecate peacefully in the field. The film is so raw, but can still be aesthetically pleasing. It does not attempt to create caricatures from any Indian village through the story telling of a story or through cinematography. The only problem with the film is that it takes too long to get to the point. The deadliest part of the film comes a little late and you can almost predict what is going to happen in that time. Prakash Jha did all the heavy-lifting in the film. We love his work as an extraordinary actor and director yet we hope he faces the camera more often. The supporting cast will not have much of an impact and it seems almost intentional to see how much young women have in real life in these families.

Mato Ki Saikil premiered at the Bushan International Film Festival but should be released to the public soon, as it needs to be watched by a large number of people. We hope it reaches out to the oppressors of Indian society, who have the opportunity to self-destruct, even if it is not the purpose of the film. We further hope that things will not take another seven decades to improve.
Rating:- 4/5
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