Most schools reopen across Myanmar

A spokesman for the military-run State Administration Council (SAC) said about 6 percent of schools across Myanmar had reopened.

Xinhua news agency SAC spokesman Maj. Gen. Zhao Min Tun told reporters on Saturday that 42,060 of the country’s more than 447,000 schools had reopened in June and 3.2 million students had attended school.

After a brief re-launch in late August 2020, schools and educational institutions across the country had to close again due to the rising number of covid-19 infections.

According to official figures, Myanmar’s 40,000 public schools have about 900 students and more than 400,000 teachers.

Meanwhile, the burden of covid cases and the death toll in the country rose to 145,230 and 3,241, respectively.

covid-19 was first identified in Myanmar on March 23 last year.

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