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My Girlfriend is Alien Review

My Girlfriend Is Alien | Best Web Series –  My Girlfriend Is Alien Review The summary I saw for my girlfriend is alien find it so bizarre but the basic premise is female leadership, want Xiao Qiu, an alien who inadvertently gets stuck in the world and has to get his homing device back male leadership, Fang Lang, a CEO who Suffers from a certain type of memory that forces him to forget the women in his life in the rain. Wan Peng and Husu Thasapak were so great as lead and had plenty of chemistry. I thought Wan Peng dragged the clueless boy-crazy alien without being really annoying.

They had many beautiful moments and kissing scenes and I smiled a lot when Xiao Qi was trying to touch her chest. I really liked that this story wasn’t installed for her, and she communicated everything with a positive attitude. If you’ve seen the web drama Fall in Love since this summer, you’ll know Wang Yu Jun as Fang Leng’s brother. Her friendship with Xiao Qi is a lot of fun, funny scenes and I enjoyed the moments between the two brothers. I also liked Fang Leng’s doctor and assistant and the villain in this drama provided a solid barrier to our leadership.

However, the story was sometimes a little uneven. During episodes 9-13 the plot seemed to run in circles. Although I really loved the two leads and their relationship, I didn’t feel the emotional impact in the last 8ish episodes. Sometimes a moment will happen between them and I will forget how they got to that stage. In the last three episodes, some of the stories just seemed to be put off. These episodes were definitely meant to be emotional, but I didn’t feel it. However, I think the author tried their best to give them a satisfactory ending! The 28 episodes were a good number, and there are certain scenes that I will watch again. All episodes of My Girlfriend Is Alien Drama are over, with a total of 28 episodes, and currently, all episodes are available on the YouTube channel with English subtitles, viewers can watch all the episodes one by one here.

A funny and ridiculously ridiculous romance will restore the girl’s loneliness to the perfection of the girl. In order for humans to survive on Earth, Xiaoqi would use his numerous superpowers to resolve one accident once another, sort of a roller coaster. Rise-fall will attract visitors. The male lord is cold and an alternative arrogant president. When it rains, he forgets the opposite sex around him. For this reason, he and the female host will start various fights and fights. The show features an intimate romance between the foreign girl Chai Xiaoki and Fang Leng, a Daputa president. My Girlfriend Is An Alien (2019) my girlfriend is alien Best Web Series (2019) My Girlfriend Is An Alien. The image could not be loaded. Waktu nonton episode awal dari drama my girlfriend is a alien ini aku sempet agak bingung.My Girlfriend is Alien ReviewBagian Bagian Mosque Banyak Tenaga Kerza Ri Tak Competen Apa Isu Actual Phenomenal Dan Controversial Dalam Berita Tersebut Gondola Ancole Stasiun A Green Apartmentman Batu Bumbu Peps Bandeng Kemangi. My Girlfriend Alien Season 2 release date. Tea Xiao Qi is an alien from the planet Cape Town. My Girlfriend is an Alien (Chinese Drama Review and Summary) My Girlfriend is an Alien Poster.

I have watched this drama more than 10 times in the last 15 days. (2019) Chemistry is good in leadership. However, there are some dull moments. Such aliens are not really that strong. And the whole story consists of an alien just running after the announcer, or something that would be able to send it back to its original planet, it was supposed to be more. The image could not be loaded.

Rating: 3.8/5

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