Nkosana Makate Net Worth: Exploring his Income

Nkosana Makate
Nkosana Makate

Nkosana Makate Net Worth: Nkosana Makate, a South African finance professional, is well-known for creating Vodacom’s Please Call Me service. While working as an accounting trainee in the company’s finance department, he pitched the idea but wasn’t compensated. Makate took Vodacom to court and finally won in February 2022. Let’s delve into his financial landscape by exploring his net worth, and income.

Name Nkosana Makate
Profession Businessperson
South African
Monthly Income $12,000 +
Yearly Income $130,000 +
Net Worth $2 Million

Nkosana Makate Net Worth 2024

Nkosana Makate is a South African financial professional who is best recognized for developing Vodacom’s Please Call Me idea. His net worth is around $2 million.

Nkosana Makate Early Life

Nkosana Makate was born in 1977 at Natalspruit Hospital. Now, in 2024, he’s about 47 years old. He grew up with his grandparents in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni, while his mom went to college to become a teacher. Makate went to Alapang High School and then moved to a college in Springs. He finished 11th grade in 1994. Later, he earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree with honors from a college he hadn’t named. While working at Vodacom, he got a SAICA accreditation and became a certified Chartered Accountant (CA).

Nkosana Makate Net Worth

Nkosana Makate Career

The PCM creator started his career at Vodacom in February 1995 as a trainee accountant. He then became a financial manager at Nedbank in 2003. From 2006 to 2013, he worked as the City of Johannesburg’s Deputy Director of Business Governance. In 2013, he became the Director of Finance Control for the South African Local Government Association.

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Some Facts About Nkosana Makate

  • Originator of the “Please Call Me” service at Vodacom.
  • Engaged in a legal battle with Vodacom over compensation.
  • Achieved a significant court victory in February 2024.
  • Holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with honors.
  • Certified Chartered Accountant (CA).
  • Previously worked as a financial manager at Nedbank.
  • Served as Deputy Director of Business Governance for the City of Johannesburg.
  • Married to Rebecca Makate, a pediatrician, with three children.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Who is Nkosana Makate?

Ans. Nkosana Makate is a South African finance professional known for his role in creating Vodacom’s “Please Call Me” service.

Q.2 What is the “Please Call Me” service?

Ans. “Please Call Me” is a telecommunications service that allows users to send a free SMS requesting a call back from someone who does not have enough airtime or credit to make a call.

Q.3 Why is Nkosana Makate famous?

Ans. Makate gained fame for his claim that he conceived the idea for the “Please Call Me” service while working at Vodacom and later pursued legal action against the company for compensation.

Q.4 What was Nkosana Makate’s role in the development of the “Please Call Me” service?

Ans. Makate claims to have pitched the idea for the “Please Call Me” service to Vodacom while working as an accounting trainee in the company’s finance department.

Q.5 Why did Nkosana Makate take Vodacom to court?

Ans. Makate took Vodacom to court alleging that he was not adequately compensated for his role in developing the “Please Call Me” service.

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