tamilrockers 2021 new movie Kaagaz Movie Review


tamilrockers 2021 new movie Kaagaz Movie Review

tamilrockers 2021 new movie Kaagaz Movie Review

To continue his band-Baja business, he went to a local bank in Uttar Pradesh for Bharat Lal (Pankaj Tripathi) Pradesh. Soon, he realizes that his uncle and his sons have legally declared him dead and the family has snatched part of the jointly owned land. When they joke about vasectomy and emergency lost steam, it’s up to you to decide if the setting was in the late ’70s, and during that remarkable period in India’s history, there was a man – in a small town in the north – who Family inheritance was snatched away.

And the worst part of this unfortunate incident is that his own relatives declared him legally dead for a small part of the land he inherited. “Today you are not our Humara relative, we are nothing,” the aunt warned after they exposed the widespread scandal that had subdued her. Bharat Lal may be ridiculous but he is not a teenager. Otherwise, the undoubted man promises to fight against the then isolated family and the ‘‘tarik-pe-tarik’ culture that was used in the Indian administrative system. A letter, a thug, a policeman at once. In a world where people are embroiled in all sorts of intolerances, from religious freedom of speech, which seems to have cut off the roots of democracy, the brave and uninterrupted ‘paper’ seems to have descended into (and limited single-screen theater) at the right moment and in North India). The story is based on the life of a man who faced a similar fate on the day he was born. However, the pace of the narrative and its one-dimensional storytelling techniques make it a tedious clock (even 1 hour, 47 minutes!).

And the fact that two narrators (Salman Khan and Satish Kaushik) were hired to take the daisies forward does not help either. For one, the songs and general treatment indulge in the seriousness of the plot and the listener doesn’t lean towards the mood of someone who is funny to his peers, a proverbial loser, who has really lost everything. An inspirational story of this enormity unfolded in the genre of drama; Comedy sure biography is gone. Having said that, not all is gray about this ambitious film project, and the admirable ones at the top of the list are Pankaj Tripathi.

As a musician, he is perfect yet Jokund, and of course, it is completely natural. As the rest of his report goes, Tripathi skates through his transformation from an innocent family man to a ruthless rebel that will never stop, and the ultimate aspects of his personality will pull you like a magnet. Such is his grip on the character of Bharata, and the incident called acting. Parallel characters Pankaj Tripathi is weak compared to the starter lead and the opposite of this kind of thing is that ‘paper’ is blowing in smoke for many reasons.

The essence of the Indian heartland and the north of that era is captured by costume designer Sujata Rajain, and Arcodev Mukherjee’s cinematography is rustic and relevant. In short, ‘paper’ may be a movie for motivators, but it ends up as a one-dimensional masterclass on one person’s acting ability. Not that we’re complaining, but this film had the potential to spread the heart. Alas! It wasn’t.


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